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Thread: Ads expiring in 24 hours

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    Ads expiring in 24 hours


    Under the tabs which have 'Just Listed' 'Feature Listing' etc, is it possible to add another tab or replace one of those with 'Ads expiring soon' so when click on this tab all ads expiring say within 24 hours are listed?

    Also, if you have a look on the right of the homepage where we have the 4 small advertising boxes, my client wants to know if it's possible so that when a user clicks on one of these they can be directed to the form and pay for a 'premium' listing then the added info appears in one of the grey boxes? I know is probably going to involve custom work or would you know of any plugin that can handle this kind of request? So premium ads can be bought all over the site in one of the grey boxes and auto appear?


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