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Thread: Importing Jobs from CSV

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    Importing Jobs from CSV

    I have 6,000 jobs to import to JobRoller. They include date, employer, job title, city and URL. Currently I have them in a MySQL db. I have looked at the tables in MySQL and there appears no way to import these records because the WP posts that JobRoller uses are spread across at least two tables. I need to know if anyone has found a solution to this. Information provided by AppThemes on these forums has suggested that someone conversant with MySQL could do an import. Personally, I find that hard to believe having looked at where the fields live in different tables and the structure of the data. That there is no CSV importer is almost unbelievable.

    At any rate, I am trying to solve this problem and am looking at:

    Has anyone used this tool to successfully import jobs to JobRoller or found another method that works?


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