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Thread: Cookie based add to favourites for Vantage?

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    Cookie based add to favourites for Vantage?

    Hi all,

    First - apologies to Vantage team for my large number of forum questions - I'm completing my second Vantage site, and have a few little niggles that I can't fathom...

    I am trying to allow users to 'add to favourites' without having to be a logged in user - in much the same way as most e-commerce sites will let you 'add to cart' without having an account - by using cookies if the user isn't logged in and the database if the user is logged in.

    Is this remotely possible in Vantage?

    I've been trying to get the WP-Favourite Posts plugin to do this for me, but it won't show favourited listings. I know the plugin is working because it will favourite a blog post, and it "says" that it is favouriting a listing, but when it comes to displaying those favourited listings, the page is blank.

    Has anyone got this plugin working with Vantage? And if not, has anyone modded Vantage's favourites functionality to work for non-logged in users?

    Thanks in advance

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