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Thread: iCodes / LinkShare Plugin doesn't create Stores / Categories anymore

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    iCodes / LinkShare Plugin doesn't create Stores / Categories anymore


    herewith the bug ticket.

    Problem: iCodes and Linkshare Plugin for Clipper doesn't create Stores / Categories anymore, eventhough Live Feed (from i.e. iCodes) proves that there are Categories and Stores for each Mearchant. For many merchants there are also no store pictures (not sure if this is related to the problem).

    Tried: I already tried to reactive, re-install the plugins serveral times, but without any effect.

    First time appeared: I think it came up the first time after deleting all cateogries manually, but i can not say this for sure.

    Set up: Using the lastest Clipper and the latest Plugin versions.

    See example: To see my website with that problem, please give me a PM.


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