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Thread: Login redirection issues.

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    Login redirection issues.


    I am trying to setup a classipress site, which I have been doing on and off the last year or so.
    I upgraded to the latest version and discovered that Facebook login is no longer part of the system. And this is very important to me.

    As recommended, I have installed the social connect plugin, but I have issues.

    1. There is no redirection after a successful facebook login. If the user clicks the new add button a rewrite parameter is added to the url, but this is not added if the user is just using the login url directly. If the user is already logged into facebook then it is just like the page is reloading and nothing happens.
    I think the user should be redirected to his/hers control panel, after a successful login.

    2. The redirect on new add, does not work. I have resaved my perm links but it does not help so redirection after successful facebook login is missing.

    3. Even if I do not allow backend access for a classipress user, the link for the administration is still shown on the login page, and because the logins is not redirecting this can be seen by the user. If the user clicks the link, he is presented with a "No Access" message, but I do not think the link should be shown to the user if he has no access in the first place.

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    Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the social connect plugin? Sometimes plugins don't install properly the first time..This seems to be more of a plugin issue, so I'm going to move this thread to Wordpress Plugin Exchange where other members who may be using the plugin might be able to help you.

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