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Thread: ACF :: Hyperlink not working for me

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    ACF :: Hyperlink not working for me


    how do i allow my user promote affiliate link of which the register and this affiliate link

    problem one

    i create custom field name Affiliate see ID (cp_affiliate_id) my intend is to enable user add there Affiliate product link they promote but only i an admin can add link true admin custom field but users can't add there affiliate link when posting new ad unless the affiliate link is remove from form text field before user are able to publish their ad when adding new ad and my aim is to allow my user to add affiliate link from any affiliate program they register

    problem two what am i doing wrong

    i add icon image like buy now icon on Ad field>> hyperlink>> (Content) which will replace Affiliate link provided below on hyperlink>> (Content) on sitting of which i leave Title,URI Scheme,Custom Domain,Field Value,Variables,Relationship Target, all empty and i activate Activate Hyperlink which work fine but after i update to latest WordPress Version 3.9.1 all image icon stops showing on all ads i published and i tried all i could do to make it work but i can put it to work

    this is the affiliate link generated from affiliate program i register, link provided below

    Is there any way my users will able to add Affiliate link when posting new ad through custom field

    pls help

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