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Thread: Coupon code being collected twice - Fix it.

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    Coupon code being collected twice - Fix it.

    Was the coupon code issue fixed in the latest Vantage release?

    I am still getting clients that are using a coupon code, back spacing to the "Select a plan" page so when they get to the payment summary page they have collected the coupon amount twice.

    I am quite sick of this and now just approving the listing with the double coupon discounted. I am losing money because of this stupid issue.
    I lose clients altogether if I refund them and ask them to create a listing again to redeem their coupon once. They are put off and don't bother coming back.

    I need this fixed!

    I have not uploaded to the latest 1.3.3 version yet but if I know this issue has been corrected then I might just load it to my test site. I didn't see anything in the notes.

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