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Thread: Hide Banners Galore on Listing of Blog Posts

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    Hide Banners Galore on Listing of Blog Posts

    Hello, nice plugin so far. Only thing that would be nice, is to hide the banners on the listing of blog posts in my case. I have made a banner which shows on the homepage, all Classipress categories and Ad Posts Details below listing. That works.

    But unfortunatly the banner shows also on the blog too, which it should not - this is this site: where the banners should not show between the listing of blogposts. "Blog" is in this case the normal Wordpress categorie. Nice would be an hide option for such a scenario.

    Also what I encountered is, that if i change a banner to "Review" as status and afterwards back to "published" as status, the Banner Ad Code and settings are deleted. Thats not nice, as I have to set all settings again.

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