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Thread: Site Sponsor edit area?

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    Site Sponsor edit area?

    Hello - So far so good but I don't seem to see where one can edit the words "Site Sponsor" area and upload new banners or at least set all of them to the same size. Maybe have all of them horizontal or all of them square and have 6 or 8 of them. I think on the old version I was using a sidebar widget that worked fine but seems to be throwing things off so I turned it off.

    Thanks again it looks Amazing, nice work.


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    Re: Site Sponsor edit area?

    Hi John, as I mentioned in the other widgets related thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by pepsi
    The ad sponsors widget is just a placeholder to show what ads there would look like. If you actually want to edit it you can find the widget code in /includes/theme-widgets.php toward the bottom. You need to make sure to keep the css classes attached to the <img tag otherwise it will align funny.
    I will lock this topic as there are a couple of identical ones floating around. Thanks

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