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Thread: Ads via feed

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    Ads via feed

    Before I chose WP and CP to build my website upon (replacing Joomla!), I had a conversation with a trader. My website provides a platform for selling Caravans, Tents, Motorhomes etc. At the time I was touting for traders to place ads on my website and during this conversation the trader said he has no problem with placing ads on my website, so long as I did it for him! Understandably, he was very busy and also had his own website to keep upto date, however, he said it would be much easier if, when he placed an ad on his own website, it appeared on mine. This was some time ago and I forgot his exact terminology but I would presume this would have to be by way of a feed of some description.
    I completely understand where he was coming from, why should he pay to advertise on my website when really all it will do is increase his workload?

    I wandered if anyone has anything similar setup on their CP website or indeed if it is possible??

    Opinions much appreciated.

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