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Thread: cascading drop-down advanced search fields

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    cascading drop-down advanced search fields

    On my site I am using the advanced search plugin made for Classipress by wp-rabbits, but want to be able to use it as 'progressive cascading drop-down search fields' which is currently won’t do. That's a term I've invented to try and explain what I'm asking for! But I'll try and break that down for you.

    The site I'm building is for vehicle listings. So we will have search fields such as 'Make' and 'Model'. However I want (because our users would want) to select 'Make' first and then have the drop-down menu in 'Model' display results which are dependent on what the user has selected in the 'Make' field.
    A similar functionality is available on which I've also highlighted in the image.


    I could use a different plugin, if this one cannot be modified but would prefer to stick with this one. I've spoken to one of the developers but also wanted to throw it out into the community as I'm looking for a quick solution.

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