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Thread: Concealing precise location on Google maps in *frontend*

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    Concealing precise location on Google maps in *frontend*

    Hi Everyone,

    I would like my visitors to have the option to obfuscate the exact location of their address by moving the Google map pinpoint for security reasons. Particularly for those who live in quite rural areas, it may not be sensible to publicly indicate the location of a very high value item for sale. This is a serious issue. If you lived on a farm, you might wish to move the marker to the center of the nearest village or town for example. I can simply remove the map if necessary, but it would be nice if there was a plugin for this.

    AppMaps plugin is supposed to make this possible in the admin backend (although it doesn't seem to work for me with CP3.3), but I need this functionality for the frontend to be used by the posters themselves.

    I've searched in vain, so any suggestions?

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