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Thread: Custom Taxonomies and custom post types in Classipress

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    Custom Taxonomies and custom post types in Classipress

    This is a question for David...

    Now that WP3.0 is released, what plans do you have for making use of custom taxonomies/post types in Classipress?

    I ask this question because I own a copy of CP but cannot commit my time nor funds to customising CP to be how I think it should be if you are planning to incorporate custom taxonomies/post types in the near future.

    It would be a waste of my time and money otherwise.

    As you know from my previous rantings in your blog, I think the information architecture of CP is badly structured and using custom fields to store values which would benefit from a hierarchical approach is not a very good idea.

    Many of us want/need filtering and here's a very good plugin providing exactly what we want but it wouldn't be of any use for CP because it requires custom taxonomies:

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