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Thread: Display Category/Sub Category count matching the search criteria

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    Display Category/Sub Category count matching the search criteria

    I was wondering if there is way to display categories/sub categories count based on the search criteria.

    For eg. if I type "motor" in the search box selecting "All Categories" and let's say I get 10 records under 2 categories:

    Search for "motor" returned 10 results:

    Ad Categories
    - Vehicles (9)
    - Books (1)

    Ad Sub Categories
    - Car (2)
    - Truck (2)
    - Motorcycle (5)

    Can I achieve this?

    It should be straight forward, because I see the category name in the search result. All I can think is need to count the records for each category and update the Ad categories/Ad sub categories widget to update the count based on the results returned.


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