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Thread: Fatal Error message

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    Fatal Error message

    Hi again!
    I have this doubt now and i hope anyone can help me!

    I have a page in my site that i want to restrict only to registered members. So i installed a number of plugins that provide this but no one works. I always got this fatal error when i'm not logged in:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function redirect_to_login_url() in /home/lgbtcult/public_html/encontros/wp-content/themes/Classipress 3.0.2/classipress/pm4wp-template.php on line 16
    In that line i have this:
    I must say that i also have another plugin installed call WP Private Messages where is in the page that i can't view without been logged in...

    Anyone have an idea why this is happenig??
    Here's my url
    Thank you so much!

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