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Thread: Filter Ads by Country on Front Page

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    Filter Ads by Country on Front Page

    Hi everyone!

    I guess this is a question for the PHP-"Pros" out there!

    I'm currently trying to ad a filter by country feature to the ad loop on the ClassiPress Front Page. It's a simple select/option form with a submit button.

    I've managed to only show ads from a (by the user) selected country on the front page by adding some if statements to "content-ad_listing.php".

    THE PROBLEM: Even though my ClassiPress/WordPress should show 10 ads on my front page, I only get to see the ones I filtered.

    Example: I got 10 ads on my front page. 8 are from "Germany" - 2 are from "Switzerland". I set the filter to "Switzerland". Page is refreshed and now ... instead of only seeing the "old" 2 ads from "Switzerland" and 8 "new" ads from "Switzerland", I only see the "old" 2 ads from "Switzerland" on my front page. Why is that happening?

    What file/function counts the ads on the Front Page loop? Why doesn't classipress load all 10 ads on one page?

    Please HELP!

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