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Thread: filter search result should display in new page

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    filter search result should display in new page


    I have Custom Filter Search filter in My site, ( the script is

    if(maincat == ""){
    alert("Please select the main category.");
    return false;
    }else {
    $(".searchCnt").html('<div class="srchloader"><img src="<?php echo site_url();?>/search_loading_img.gif"><br /> Loading...</div>');
    type: "GET",
    url: "<?php echo site_url();?>",
    data: {
    action: 'search',
    maincat: maincat,
    subcat1: subcat1,
    subcat2: subcat2,
    subcat3: subcat3,
    searchkey: searchkey,
    cache: false,
    async: true,
    success: function(responsedata)
    if(responsedata != ""){
    else {
    $(".searchCnt").html('<div class="srchnoRec">No ads found.</div>');




    It display only in the current page where i mention the the Class in the current page <div class=".searchCnt"> </div>

    the result page should display in new page. help Me

    thank you

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