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Thread: Help change Grey Strip above my LOGO - Background color?

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    Help change Grey Strip above my LOGO - Background color?

    Need help please.. I've tried for days trying to figure out what this grey strip is... I changed my background in the header behind my logo to White...
    However this GREY STRIP is showing up above it and I can not for the life of me figure out what this is or how I change the color to white or delete it... etc.
    I'm new... I don't know CSS stuff but learning as I go.... Basically I click stuff change it and if it works great if not I try again... that is how I learn what stuff is...

    But this is absolutely driving me insane.... I even bought another program that helps you change wordpress colors and styles and I can't figure it out in that program either.

    Included is a photo showing the area I'm talking about... I sure hope someone has a solution...

    BUT.... Instead of just asking for my site and doing the changes yourself.... I want the explanation so I can learn. What is that portion of the style sheet called? How do I do it myself...
    I want to learn and so I hope someone can explain it in plain english so I follow along..



    Obviously need to click on photo to make it larger so you can see...


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