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Thread: How to add extra custom field without classipress custom field menu ?

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    Question How to add extra custom field without classipress custom field menu ?


    I have always worked with old version of Classipress (2.9) and now I've decided to upgrade my old site with classipress 3.2.1
    I wonder if it si possible to add specific custom field to ads, without creating this field with the integrated classipress editor.
    I want to add an availability calendar, with differents php variables,
    In the old version of classipress, i have created this variables easely:

    In tpl-edit-ad.php :
    <select style="width: 100px;" name="jourdebutlocation" id="jourdebutlocation" class="mid2">...
    (To have the new value)
    $jourdebutlocation= cp_filter($_POST['jourdebutlocation']);
    (To create the new field)
    update_post_meta($_POST['ad_id'], 'jourdebutlocation', $jourdebutlocation);
    (To upgrade the new field value when clicking on "update ad"

    How to do the same thing In classipress 3.2.1 ??
    All the feature havé changed! I think it's very complicited !

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