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Thread: How to Prevent emails going to spam folder

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    How to Prevent emails going to spam folder

    I have seen that when a classifieds site is bit popular i.e more and more emails are being triggered, more emails start going to the spam folder.
    I noticed some top classifieds site have a different way in which emails are triggered. I am talking about single ad listing contact form emails.
    Their email headers are something like this.

    I think this helps because the "from" header has the same domain as the classified site from where the email has originated.
    Since the reply should go to the person who filled the form, "reply-to" header helps to manage that.

    Now how to apply it to Classipress ?
    We need to edit theme-emails.php file.
    But how and what code should be put .... need someone to take it further.
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    I love to help out you out but please read this first Have you tried to install in a root domain? Have you tried to Resave permalinks? Have you tried to disable all plug in? Have you tried the default theme of Wordpress?

    ++ If the issue is fixed consider closing the thread and change to solved, thank you for helping us helping you. ++

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