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Thread: How to set up "% of asking price" as an ad cost? (ebay pricing model?)

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    How to set up "% of asking price" as an ad cost? (ebay pricing model?)

    I'm planning on running a Classipress site and the pricing model must consist of a percentage of the amount the seller is listing their item for. For instance,

    < $5,000 item = ad costs 5% of the listing price
    $5,001 - > $10,000 item = ad costs 3% of the listing price

    Due to the high costs that would be incurred with this model, the seller would only be obliged to pay a very minimal fee (i.e. $19.95) to place the ad, and then the pricing system above would come in to play when the item is sold. (somewhat like using eBay). If the item isn't sold, they don't pay this tier pricing.

    Is this possible to do this in Classipress? I can't seem to figure out a way.

    If there isn't a way, can someone suggest a freelancer who would be able to implement this?

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