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Thread: Just an idea, perhaps a very good one!

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    Just an idea, perhaps a very good one!


    After putting my website on hold for quite some time, I have decided to check back here and the first thing that has come to mind was after checking out the plugins page, which I am quite impressed with btw. Any how, a great idea would be in the admin area of wordpress -> classipress -> add-ons I think it would be a great idea to add a new drop down for the search feature so that when you choose any of the themes (classipress, vantage etc..) it shows a new drop down next to that displaying only the plugins that are compatible (fully tested and working) with that selected theme.

    Make sense?

    Hope to see something like this added, it will for sure boost your sales *alot* faster being that shoppers will know first hand which plugins work with what themes. I know it will be a work in progress, but for what it's worth, I think this should be added very soon.

    Or vice-versa, meaning for each plugin, make a new drop down with compatible themes. I am for the first option though.
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