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Thread: Just an idea regarding the blog

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    Just an idea regarding the blog

    I was thinking the blog may be useful for more advertising revenue depending on the type of site you have. There is only so much space for google and 125x125 ads but if there we're a way to use the blog side as alternative advertising it could be interesting.

    In my case my site lists vacation rentals and the blog side would be a great space for advertisers such as restaurants, ski shops, sailing classes, boat rentals etc..

    Making a form to connect to the blogside wouldn't be hard, I think..

    Just can't seem to figure out how to put those ads in the sidebar so they match up with the classified ads content that people would be viewing. So that someone who is looking at an ad for a vacation home in Newport RI will see ads in that are local to the area.

    May be biting off more than I can chew here..

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    Re: Just an idea regarding the blog

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