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Thread: Just Listed display on home page

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    Just Listed display on home page

    I am using the demo as a guide for the layout of my site (because I like it) and I noticed that on the bottom of the home page (on the demo) underneath the categories, the ads (a lot of them) are listed in a "teaser" form.
    I like the way this looks.
    I have not officially launched my site yet, and have put up at least 5 ads (to get the featured slider to work properly). What I have noticed is the just listed on mine (below the categories on the home page) ONLY will show 1 ad at a time.
    I have searched in the admin areas for a way to set this and cannot find it. Is it a mod of code I need to do to achieve the same result as the demo?

    kind of the same question for blog articles. I have posted more than 5. The home page shows 5 only (same on demo), is there a way to show more?
    is there a way I can choose WHICH blog teasers display on the home page (static?)

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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