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Thread: Lack of Care for LOYAL Customers

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    Lack of Care for LOYAL Customers

    OK you say you offer support, and obviously you are not offering me this.

    For someone that has given your company a lot of money over the past several years, you are not very quick to respond.

    Whether my questions are silly or not important to you, they are to me. You could at least TRY to answer them or at least respond in some way.

    I have posted several questions in Classipress and also Vantage without any help or assistance from App Themes.

    I renew the themes in order to gain customer support and for updates. That is what it says anyways when I renew. I get the updates, but what about the support?

    This is from your website

    Our support team is multilingual and globally dispersed for a balanced layer of customer coverage. We're available to help and answer your questions.

    I am not sure what I need to do in order to just get the help I need.

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