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Thread: Limiting Free Ad Posts by User

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    Limiting Free Ad Posts by User

    I'm looking for ideas on how to best implement Free User Ads - limited to 1 per user within a 5 day period.

    (At the conclusion of 5 days, he is free to relist or list another ad for free; but he cannot have more than one free ad at a time.)

    If I create an Ad Pack for a FREE 5-day listing, I have no way to limit a user to 1 Free Ad Pack per 5 days. He can post as many free ads as he wants.

    If I create a Free Membership Pack with short duration and discount price modifier equal to the cost of a single ad, this only limits the user to the length of time he has to post ads; not the number of Free ads he can post during that duration.

    My only other thought is to use an Appthemes Coupon - equal to the cost of a single ad and good for 1 use only. But it appears this would have to be managed manually (not ideal).

    Can someone fill me in on how the Appthemes Coupon plugin integrates with Classipress? Is there a way to tie it to an Ad Pack, so that a user can only claim/use 1 valid coupon during a set period of time - without manually supplying and tracking each user's coupon eligibility?


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