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Thread: I need a pro (not for free)...

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    I need a pro (not for free)...

    can anyone create for me the mods below? (plugins or instructions to do ti myself)

    1) I would like every time that i update my ad(as a simple user or a membership) to see my ad in the top of the results.( like a new ad)
    2) I would like the simple users (and not the memberships) to can ad only 3 or 5 listings.
    3) Also, below every memberships ad, to exists his profile description.
    4)i want the refine search fields to be extend by default.
    5)sort/ordering by price,date update,or model year, or something like that (price for sure)
    6)a watermark in every ad that uploaded to my site (a logo that i will make) (so if the cut/download a foto to have my site's logo)
    7)i want the sidebar to go left and the contain right (switch sides to theme)
    8)I would like to have a page with the list of the memberships and also a better profile page for each one (not for the simple users)

    *question: if i setup my site now with the default classipress theme, can i latter to switch it in a child theme? (and keep all the parameters that i allready have?)

    sorry for my english

    pm me... soon.

    Thanks for your time...

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