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Thread: number of blog posts

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    number of blog posts

    I'm not sure what mods I made to my site but on the main blog page I would like the "leave a reply" box to be under the latest blog post. At the moment the only way to leave a comment is to click on the little number in the speech bubble in the heading which opens that box up. I would like it to be there automatically.

    I added a line of code to the tpl-blog file about how many posts to show per page, and I seem to have disabled replies on the ad pages so that could have something to do with it. Anyway, could someone tell me what code to add and where to enable the "Leave a Reply" box to appear on the actual Blog index page.

    If I click on any post in particular then the leave a comment box appears under that post, but I would like that box there from the start.


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