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    Paypal Redirect Page

    I need help with a modification, and wondered if anyone could figure out a way to do this.

    My site is based in Taiwan, and I want to charge for posting to a few categories on my site. I seem to be finding out that most people or companies in Taiwan don't use paypal or credit card to pay for things online. The preferred way to pay for anything here is by doing an ATM balance transfer. (Crazy, I know, but I don't think my little site is going to change a nations way of thinking)

    What I want to do is keep payment options turned on on my site, but when people are posting and they get to the end, the drop down Payment Method saying 'PayPal' would also have an option added saying 'ATM Money Transfer' Then, when they click this option, instead of redirecting them to the Paypal payments page, it takes them to a page I have created explaining how to do the ATM transfer. I am assuming that this would also set the post to pending, so I can activate it once they have transferred the money to my bank.

    Does anyone know how I would edit coding for this to work?
    I would also consider paying someone to help me with this, as I really don't know much about programming.


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