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Thread: Preventing users from changing their email

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    Preventing users from changing their email

    Hello, this is a very important feature for my website since we are dealing with adult content, and from previous experience I know that sometimes people register with their email and confirm their registration by clicking the link sent to their email and once their profile is approved they change their email address and now they wirte the email address from someone who doesn´t even know about our website. So for example a guy with nothing to do creates a profile using his own email then makes an ad for a "Sexy Lady looking for a Sexy Man" and publishes some sexy photos of a girl then when the ad is approved he then changes the email address to point to a woman´s email then she will begin receiving emails from lots of sexy men.

    Why do people do that? I have no idea but it has happened and it´s not pretty trying to explain to those women why they are receiving those emails.

    So I hired a coder to prevent people from changing their address in the Edit Profile page and what he did was add "disable" at the end of the line of code for the Email in the tpl.profile.php page and it does disable it, but now the problem is that when users want to change their passwords they get an error message telling them that they need an email address, when in fact there already is the email they used when they registered.

    Also when a poster receives an email from someone interested in his ad, the reply-to address is filled with the username not the email address, making it impossible for the poster to contact the interested party.

    How do I fix this?


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