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    Price by Category

    I am looking for the solution to a problem I have seen others ask about many times, but no one seems have replied with any suggestions.... show a price format by AD_CATEGORY.

    In my instance, we want to show properties in the ad_categpry 'For Sale' with the standard 'cp_price' output (eg:£250,000) but to show those in the ad_category 'To Let' with a modified 'cp-price' output (eg: £900 pcm).

    This would also apply when Properties are Sold, the standard cp_ad_sold is sufficent, however for the Rental Properties, we want the text to state, "Now Let".

    One of the issues I have found is that due to CP using non standard categories, I am not sure how to achieve this and feel it might need to filter the taxonomy category id as it would in a search... and it is this problem I cannot seem to get around as my knowledge of CP, WP is PHP and not that extensive...

    If we can find a solution to this, it will allow UK users to show prices as £0.0 +VAT or £0.0 (inc VAT) as another example of this being resolved.

    Any suggestions or ideas people?

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