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Thread: Professional help needed $$

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    Professional help needed $$

    I purchased Classipress over a year ago. I do not know much about coding. I purchased a child theme last year as well to give Classipress a new look. I applied some modifications, plugins, etc. to my site. I have not upgraded to the newest Classipress for fear that my mods will be erased. I do not know how to do the things that I need done to my site. I see tutorials on the appthemes' site about a childthemes checklist to go over but I do not understand them. I know Classipress offers a lot of features, but some are not available that should have been. I really don't know what to do next. My site hasn't gone live because of this (I don't want the user to get used to operating my site one way and when I upgrade, that way is gone).

    I just want my site to work before and after Classipress updates.

    Therefore I am requesting help. I am seeking someone capable of upgrading my site without losing mods, and add desired features. Someone I can form a relationship with and return to in the future. I am willing to pay. Keep in mind though I'm just starting out .

    My Specs:
    Current Classipress version: 3.1.9
    Current Childtheme: Headline version: 1.0.1 Newer Version Available: 1.2

    Current Plugins:

    Some of the mods I would like implemented:

    • User profile pic (within my site - without the wordpress background and feel)
    • Have address location on map as an option. Some users may not want their address revealed and may prefer to meet up elsewhere.
    • Remove grey WP bar from top for members.
    • Remove ads from featured bar that do not have an image. It looks bad to have the entire feature slide bar with the default image.
    • Payment gateways

    If you can help contact me.

    Thank you for your time.

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