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Thread: Remove price from search criteria

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    Remove price from search criteria

    Hi all,

    The search and custom search all work lovely. However, people are allowed to free type the price as it's a text box. So they could write an advert for a speed boat and put "phone for price" in the price field. That's fine for them to do.

    The problem is that if someone then searches for "phone" as they want to buy a new mobile; as it's looking in the price field it would return the above advert which is irrelevant.

    My question is, how do I remove the price field (cp_price) from the search criteria? I'm not using it for refine results so it's really not needed in any search element; only to be displayed.

    Thanks in advance
    I try to help; starting to give a bit back to the communities that have helped me in the past.
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