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Thread: Sell my directory or monetize it much better? Please help...

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    Sell my directory or monetize it much better? Please help...

    Hello all fellow Classipress people.

    I am thinking about selling my directory because I am making money with it, but should be making much more. So, I am here asking for your advice on how I can do just that. OR, maybe someone can make me an offer I cannot refuse.

    The Directory is doing really good in the United States locations.

    BUSINESSDIRECTORY.CC is the main domain name.

    Check out searches in Google for major cities.

    1. United States Business Directory
    2. California Business Directory
    3. Florida Business Directory
    4. New York Business Directory
    5. Texas Business Directory
    6. Los Angeles Business Directory
    7. Miami Business Directory
    8. New York City Business Directory
    9. Tucson Business Directory
    10. Atlanta Business Directory

    Some Quick Notes:

    1. Ranked At 212,000 In Alexa.
    2. All Listings are added by people such as business owners.
    3. Created in WordPress multi site environment. Easy to manage and look after.
    4. Very clean, all listings are moderated.
    5. Has 4 social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr that comes with sale.
    6. Added and running on VPS for hosting. Can switch over account to new owner.
    7. Comes with domain name and all website files.
    8. All sites are SEO optimized and using an SSL, all listings are also SEO and SSL.

    The ways I am trying to make money with:

    1. Make money by featured business listings.
    2. Make money selling ad space.
    3. Make money with Google AdSense.
    4. Bump up features for ads.
    5. Sell Landing pages or one-page websites.

    I just stared to monetize the sites a few months ago. Right now, I am making around $150.00 USD from AdSense and featured ads only per month.

    Attached is some stats for the directory. The blog also has its own stats.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    The sites. - Canada - United States - BLOG

    Thanks so much!
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