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Thread: Some HTML Help Needed

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    Some HTML Help Needed

    Hello again,

    I put a close button in the dropdown categories menu, but it is in an untidy place in IE and Chrome, it looks ok in FF.

    What do I do to make it the same in IE as it is in Chrome. Or any other position for it that looks tidy would be ok too.

    Here is the link to see what Im talking about -
    Click on the categories in the Drop down menu to see what I mean.

    Here is the code I am referring to in header.php

    <div class="adv_categories" id="adv_categories">

    <a href="#" onclick="toggle_slide('adv_categories'); return false;"><img src=""></a>&nbsp;&nbsp;
    <?php cp_cat_menu_drop_down(get_option('cp_cat_menu_cols '), get_option('cp_cat_menu_sub_num')); ?>

    </div><!-- /adv_categories -->

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