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Thread: Some math

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    Some math

    Just speculating here, but with the scale of ClassiPress, one would think additional coders would be hired?

    Let's have a look:
    Total members 1226
    (at the time of writing.)

    And in the interest of fairness, let's say only 20% of these members have bought a copy of ClassiPress.
    Leaves us with 245 (and a half, but we'll round down.)
    And lets say 90% of them bought a Single license (US $59)
    10% buys the Developer license. (US $149)


    Single: 220x59= $12,980
    Dev : 24x149= $3,576
    = US$16,559

    Conversions: (at the time of writing)

    Even at 10% of members we're looking at +$8k
    And I know all about Davids months of slaving away at 3.0. How about get another coder for a month and be making money a month earlier?

    Not one to tell you how to run your business, but in case you didn't run these numbers here they are.

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    Re: Some math

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