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Thread: Sponsored Links VS Header Ad VS Content Ad

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    Sponsored Links VS Header Ad VS Content Ad

    ClassiPress offers the ability to display SIDEBAR ADS (static images that you link to a site). These are great for selling to local advertisers and come as widgets in 300x250 and 125x125 sizes. How to set those up can be found here:

    But then, there are also SPONSORED LINKS that can pull in ad feeds from sources like Google AdSense or BuySellAds. (You will need an account set up with these entities to do that.) Once you have your account, paste the code they give you n ClassiPress --> Settings --> Advertising. Choose a HEADER AD 468 x 60 (to the right of your logo) and/or a CONTENT AD 336 x 280 (which appears on the Single Ad page.) Alternately, these can be set as STATIC images with a URL link of your choosing.

    Though I have enrolled in Google's AdSense, my main page is currently not showing either of these. (Perhaps because when I set up my Google AdSense I specified "Display Ads Only" - no text ads ?)

    Going to a Single Ad Page (user-posted) does indeed show a "Sponsored Links" ad right below it, coming from Google. That's terrific... but, can these be made to appear on the HOME page instead? There does not seem to be any Widget for this.


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