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Thread: For themebounds Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin...

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    For themebounds Dynamic Multi-Level Fields Plugin...


    I am sure all will agree with me that adding locations (manually) into the DMLF plugin could take *LOTS* of time, especially since the information on the internet is not always 100% accurate. I usually go to wikipedia (since the data there seems to be pretty accurate) to get my locations for my website.

    I was thinking, could a feature be built into that plugin that will have all paypal supported countries, ( ) states / regions / provinces, cities, villages etc built in and have it dynamically updated? So for example, if a region changes to a new name, or a city changes it could be updated within the plugin? I am looking for something like this as I am targeting all countries, not just one country or my local jurisdiction and by having to do all these countries by hand is crazy, I am sure there is an easier way of doing this.

    Note: If the dynamic part can't be done, then how about just having all the current countries, provinces/regions/states, and cities automatically set in the script, and also having the ability to enable or disable locations as needed for whatever the reason, this way having to do all the time consuming work can be done for us?

    The end result sample:

    United States -> All US States -> All US Cities
    Canada -> All Canadian Provinces -> All Canadian Cities


    Thank you
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