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Thread: Are there two areas where a user can log in WordPress?

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    Are there two areas where a user can log in WordPress?

    Are there two areas where a user can log in on a WordPress blog?

    I have modified my theme. I have added a button to the comments.php so that when the user wants to add a comment and he is required to register or log in, he is given the option to click on a button (It is part of my design and requirements for my specific web design).

    Here is my question. Are there, in fact, two areas where a user can log in?

    I noticed that if a user clicks on "log in" from the home page, he goes to a page that looks something like this:

    But if he clicks to respond to a blog, he goes to the bottom of the blog like so: ... uemax2.jpg

    One of the places can be modified by the comments.php page, where can the other area be modified?

    I am accustomed to the logic of a forum. Blogs are different, it seems. In order to post on a forum, you have to register. Are you saying that someone can post a comment on a blog without registering?

    If that is the case, I first need to know how to change that. In order to post a comment on my blog, I must insist that the person registers.

    How do I do that?

    They seem to be tied together somehow. I tried a plugin for captcha (it did not work for my theme) that included these screen shots: ... shot-1.jpg ... shot-2.jpg

    Can you include the wp-login.php in a theme just like you can for the comments.php or do you need to use a plugin?

    Can you force the user to register if they want to post a comment on your blog?

    If they register, does that mean that they can create new blogs just like the blog author?

    What is the difference between signing up to post a comment and registering to login?

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