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Thread: My Two Cents

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    My Two Cents

    I purchased this Theme with hopes of having some simple support to fix simple bugs and updates. Appthemes does mention "Top notch support" but then, too late, I realize it's all Forum based. Don't get me wrong.. all the moderators are very nice and helpfull but I feel that even they get discouraged over how terrible the platform reacts with upgrades and changes. I mean, LUCKILY, my site isn't live yet so users would not have to feel the pain of registering and signing up. I mean, isn't that the first step to building a business or any sort? In just over a month I have over 20k users signed up to be updated when my site goes live and I'm absolutely terrified to release the site while running this theme / platform. I will not be using this theme in the future, more than likely. It's just not stable at all.. which blows my mind for how simple it really is compared to other sites. Again, this is my two-cents. If you research a little more all the sites have the exact same description that missleads people every day. That is, all but one site... (Updates May 13th, 2015.. so yes, recent)

    That brings us to ClassiPress by AppThemes. Iím not going to mince words here: this theme is ugly. Itís dated, and itís bland. The gradients are poorly implemented, the typography is lackluster, and the use of space is just lousy. And thatís extremely disappointing, because it comes with features that easily rival (and in some cases, surpass) several other themes on this list.

    Weíre frankly a bit baffled as to why the developer hasnít made some effort to freshen up this theme, considering the fierceness of the competition. We think theyíd sell a lot more of them if the quality of the design matched the quality of the features and functionality. In fact, weíd urge our readers to take a look at the detail page for this one, just to see the potential thatís being marred by a substandard appearance.

    Itís worth noting that AppThemes also sells child themes for ClassiPress, many greatly surpassing the design of their parent. So if you like the feature set and everything else ClassiPress has to offer, you might want to consider spending a little extra for the (necessary) makeover.

    Anyway, thatís all we have to say about that.

    I'm out of the money, which isn't a big deal, but more importantly I'm out of the time I have spent trying to fix issues, fix items left out, fix what should be standard for Classipress. I can't get that time back!

    So... for my "3" cents.. how's the lousy update coming for everyone to be able to gain users and build their business and get rid of the infamous '3 password blocks'? It's absolutely unacceptable that it has taken this long. I know the Dev Build is out but then no one can use their Child Theme that band-aids the lackluster look of the parent them.

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