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Thread: Use custom fields latitude/longitude for Google Maps instead of from Geocodes table

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    Use custom fields latitude/longitude for Google Maps instead of from Geocodes table


    maybe i am missing something or just going about it wrong but, if I understand correctly, the coordinates used for the google maps is pulled from the lat and lng values in the cp_ad_geocodes table correct? That would be all fine and dandy but i am attempting in pull in listing data from a xml file and am able to assign that to the standard fields and custom fields but, since those two values are in a different table, i am going to have to change things in one of two ways to make my maps work with listings created via xml:

    1) figure out how to save the latitude and longitude values into the separate table OR
    2) use custom fields for latitude and longitude and change the php wherever it has to be done to make the mapping use those custom fields values for lat and long instead of pulling from the the geocodes table....

    Any idears on this? Hopefully i am overlooking an easy alternative and there is a less complicated or messy way to solve this issue. All my xml location data saves fine, and displays in the listings, but the map is blank since, even after creating custom fields for lat and long and saving the data there, the map isnt getting the coordinates that "should" have been saved to the geocodes table.....

    Thanks! SP

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