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Thread: Prepurchase question - checkbox sorting

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    Prepurchase question - checkbox sorting

    I am using WP v3.8.1 with 'WP Custom Search' v0.8 by Alucas ( In the custom search facility, I have a number of sections with checkboxes that can be ticked to filter the results. Currently the checkboxes are ordered randomly (or rather, in the order of the classified ad posts, which is meaningless) within each section. There are a number of checkboxes, and this will increase drastically over time, making them difficult to read and find the appropriate box. I would like to be able to sort the order of the checkboxes ascending alphabetically.

    For example in the 'Breed' category, the checkbox options may include: Shetland, Cob, Arab, Shire that require ordering A-Z. As there are 50+ breeds, this will become essential.

    If I purchased your plugin, and sorted the ads a-z, would the corresponding checkboxes in the WP Custom Search facility also automatically appear a-z, or remain in the current order? Just a thought!

    I have previously contacted the plugin author about checkbox sorting, but he couldn't help/point me in the right direction or was perhaps too busy? His own site forum hasn't covered it as far as I can see.

    If helpful, see the left hand column of

    Any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you.

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