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Thread: How to upload a new printable coupon when editing an existing coupon

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    Question How to upload a new printable coupon when editing an existing coupon

    Ok, please explain this to me.

    in clipper when a visitor adds a printable coupon to my site, then decides to change the actual graphic for the coupon, so they go in to the dashboard and edit the coupon, BUT there is no apparent way to delete the existing coupon image and upload a new one WHY?????

    This functionality is essential, nobody is going to want to delete the whole coupon (losing the permalink) and upload a whole new one.

    Am I missing something? If so I apologize, but it seems to me that if you are testing a theme like and end user this would be a pretty evident function to catch.

    Is there a patch? Is this coming to the theme? or am I missing something?



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