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Thread: Mobile Friendly Help !

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    Mobile Friendly Help !

    Hi Guys
    Can anyone recommend a good plugin for clipper to become mobile friendly where the coupons can be easily configured to show up when a person searches the same way as on desktop ? I have tried several plugins I found in WP but having trouble configuring them to work properly as when i open any page on my iphone it just shows a basic page with nothing much on it and certainly no coupons . I also found a thread here where they say clipper is already mobile friendly but its not as when I do a google mobile test i only score 40% which will result in never being able to rank in G due to such a low page score

    Can anyone help with the setup of clipper for mobile pls ? I really want to score as close to my competition as possible and they have 85 to 90% mobile page scores

    Thanks in advance

    "There is no option on this on Clipper version 1.4 however the latest version 1.5.1 is already responsive which make it more adaptive to mobile devices screen sizes.

    - Jomark"

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