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Thread: Redirect URL from offsite

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    Redirect URL from offsite


    Here's what I'm trying to do- I send emails as a complement to the site, and the links for the coupons in the email go directly to the Destination URL (affiliate redirect, for instance). What I'm trying to do, is construct a link for email (and whatever supporting code I would need on the site) such that I bounce through my site, and go to the Destination URL with my site as the Referring URL. I though I might be able to use the Display URL, but it is truly just for display and isn't functional. I don't want to land on the coupon Permalink as that would require an extra click.

    I'm going to take a stab and say that my only solution here is to construct a short php page, where I pass the Destination URL as a parameter, grab it and redirect.

    Is there anything out of the box that might do the trick, though?


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