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Thread: Where Is Clipper Going?

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    Where Is Clipper Going?

    I would like to have an open and honest discussion about the current Clipper status. I've been a Clipper user for more than a year and I've expressed some of my views here:

    So, here are some questions just to start discussion:

    Are you satisfied with Clipper? Does Clipper follow the current trends in the coupon industry and the latest Google updates? Is your Clipper site a business or hobby site? Do you earn any money with your Clipper site? How about trafic? What improvements would you like to see?

    Please be constructive. All we want is just a better product to be able to focus on the business and spend less time fiddling with the code.

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    I love to help out you out but please read this first Have you tried to install in a root domain? Have you tried to Resave permalinks? Have you tried to disable all plug in? Have you tried the default theme of Wordpress?

    ++ If the issue is fixed consider closing the thread and change to solved, thank you for helping us helping you. ++

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