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Thread: Duplicate Coupon Question

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    Duplicate Coupon Question

    Hi - I was wondering about this plugin (and the LinkShare one too) - I assume they de-dupe coupons? If they import hourly or twice daily - which field are they de-duping on? I know there are a couple of identifiers - just curious and most importantly - does it work? When the import runs daily, does it just grab all new coupons since yesterday or...?

    One other question - in the past I have had issues trying to import large csv files. I currently have the plugins set to 100 and just tested 200 ok. Is there a recommend max threshold?

    So overall:
    1. Does the importer de-dupe, if so, on what field?
    2. Does the importer know since when it last ran and only grabs coupons since then?
    3. How large can an import be?

    Many thanks!

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