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Thread: Nothing happens on install to Vantage 3.0.5

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    Nothing happens on install to Vantage 3.0.5

    I've just installed Critic on Vantage 3.0.5, and yes, I know it's a major release behind. My motivation for this was that Google is no longer showing my stars in the search results, and the Structured Data Testing Tool was showing...

    The aggregateRating property inside a Review object applies to the review itself, as a creative work. Did you mean to use reviewRating instead?
    A value for the author field is required.
    So first I tried purchasing StarStruck, but that made no difference whatsoever, even after enabling it for Listings. And now it looks like Critic did nothing as well.

    That is, after the installation, I once again enable it for Listings and save. I then look at the reviews section to see if it's converted any comments to reviews, which it has not. Then, I look at one of the listings to see if anything has changed such as the review form or the color of the stars, and nothing changed there as well.

    So it's not surprising then that when I test the site in the same Google tool, nothing changes there either.

    Am I missing something?

    I thought maybe this was just because it's an older version of Vantage, but on the plugin site, it says that it's compatible with Vantage 3. So I'm at a loss.

    Please advise!

    Thank you,
    Tim G.

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