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Thread: Custom Map Pin Images Download

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    Custom Map Pin Images Download

    Due to the .zip file required by AppThemes needing to be a straight installable .zip I've not packaged the .zip file with the free custom pins in with this.

    Instead you'll need to head over to The WP Guru and download the zip file from the option in the side bar.

    Note that the .zip contains 3 types of pins in 13 different colours.
    Each type and colour comes with an icon version and a blank version.
    Also included is the original Adobe Illustrator file so you can customise them how you wish, and also 3 .psd files.

    For new icons I fully recommend downloading 'FontAwesome' font to your computer and using this resource to copy an icon to be used in your image editing software: WhatDaFontAwesome

    Any questions Just ask.

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