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Thread: eClassify color settings

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    eClassify color settings

    Hello Spartac,

    As novice as I am, I tried my best to set the background color, fonts, borders etc. I however am having difficulty to accomplish what exactly I want. I mean I can change the font color or background color but something would not look right. On the side instead of a banner I have used the simple text box where I am advertising the Membership Package benefits and I can't change the color from black to another color to stand out. As a last resort I am coming to to see if you can help me fix the boo boo's.

    Please let me know if I can PM you the url and login info so that you can take a look at. I tried someone to fix it and he simply disappeared and no longer I see him or contact him. He also either deleted or took my very important plugins and widgets. Since then I have started all over again and it is getting frustrating.

    Thank you,

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